Privacy Policy

This document describes how we use your personal data.

Common terminology

We - organization "Teslasoft".

Your data - all data, collected by us or provided by you.

Teslasoft ID - your account in our services.

Our Services - this site and all our software or devices

Our Site - site located on


Which data we use and why?

     • Your email - to verify your account and contact you.

     • Password of your account (we can not access it).

     • Public user name - this name are public and you account can be found by using this name.

     • Photo (avatar) - to help others users to recognize you (optional).

     • Account ID - after registration your account gets unique ID.

     • Date of birth (optional) - some our Services have age-restricted content.

     • Your real (legal) name/surname - We can use this info to identify you in case of your account get locked or hacked.

     • Phone number (optional) - contact info and account verification. You can change visibility of this parameter.

     • Your IP (to identify your device) - we use this param to prevent spam and fraud. We do not allow to use VPN or GPS-spoofers. We never use it to track you.

     • Device info (Model, OS version and device ID (not IMEI) - required for security purposes (to detect suspisius activity and prevent your account from being hacked).

     • Your location - our Services are geographically restricted and can not be used in some countries. Additionally some services may show you location-based suggestions. You can disable this permission anytime.

     • Other info linked to our Services like content that you saved to your account from other apps to sync you apps across your devices.

     • Analytics and personalization (As we are usign Google Services you are automatically accept Google's Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.

See "Per app privacy" section to learn when we collect your data

Where we store your data?

We're using DigitalOcean servers to store your data.


     • We use the latest security technologies like Cloudflare to protect our servers against unwanted users and bots.

     • Your data is backed up regularry.

     • You can request to delete your data.

     • We can not see your passwords or sensitive security info.

     • All security processes runs only on the servers. Apps is just comfortable way to show your data.

Your rights and commitments

     • You can request data deletion for legal purposes.

     • You're automatically allow us to process your data in our Services.

     • You may not tamper with our Services to steal/delete/share data or in other purposes.

     • You're fully responsible for your data. We do not allow to publish illegal content.

Our rights and commitments

     • We may change this conditions at any time without notifying you.

     • We can delete your data without explaining reasons and notification (For example if your data infringer laws).

     • We obliged to protect your data. We can not share your data if it isn't foreseen by Services or laws. We can't develop Services that share your private data (like IP, phone, real name, etc).

Our sites

We use Google analytics to analyze site popularity and make your experience better.

Teslasoft Core

Teslasoft Core allow you to sign in to other apps with Teslasoft ID so account and device may be collected when you use it. Also it allow you to sync your data between apps so settings of our apps may be saved to your account when you turned sync on. When you sign in/create an account/change account info your IP address and location will be automatically collected to prevent misuse and protect your account. This app can also collect information about how you are use our apps or apps from third-party developers that uses our APIs and SDKs. This is required to provide ability to sign into apps and enable sync. To prevent misuse of our services this app can also initiate device integrity check and request license check for our other apps. During this check some device information (like Android ID, Android version, device manufacturer can be collected and sent to Google).


When you use our site analytics may be recorded after you clicked accept cookies. Learn more about cookies an why we use it here. When you use web version of account settings your account info may be collected to show you. This app supports Teslasoft ID sign in and app sync. By using this app you are automaticly agree with the policy for Teslasoft Core app.


iVisit will help you to travel easier. To show you near places and suggestions it may collect your location. This info is not saved on our servers. If you want you can turn sync on (to do this you need Teslasoft Core to be installed). When you use this app history and analytics is not recorded. This app supports Teslasoft ID sign in and app sync. By using this app you are automaticly agree with the policy for Teslasoft Core app.

"Contains ads" label may be shown on the Play Store page because this app uses Firebase API that automaticly adds "ADS_ID" permission. Firebase is used for notifying you about near events (currently this function is available only for internal testers). No Firebase analytics is collected. No ads are placed in this app.

RGB controller

This app allow you to manage IoT devices. All info about devices are stored locally unless you turn sync on. Also when you use this app, additional info may be collected by manufacturer of your IoT devices. When sync is on app data can be stored in your account. When you use this app history and analytics is not recorded. This app supports Teslasoft ID sign in and app sync. By using this app you are automaticly agree with the policy for Teslasoft Core app.

Simple AES256 Tools

This app does not require internet and do not save your data. Sync is not available for this app.

Teslasoft SmartCard

This app allow you to use NFC tags to authenticate. Login info can be saved on the server of your SmartCard provider that you entered in the settings. We are not responsible for that data. Please do not use unsafe servers because your personal info may be leaked. When sync is on app settings can be stored in your account. When you use this app history and analytics is not recorded. Security info (like device model and android ID) may be collected for security purposes and sent to your SmartCard provider. This app supports Teslasoft ID sign in and app sync. By using this app you are automatically agree with Privacy Policy and Terms of Service for Teslasoft Core app.


This app requires third-party OpenAI API that can collect additional data such as your messages within app or user id. When sync is on your conversations may be saved in your Teslasoft ID account. Please read OpenAI Privacy Policy.

Starting from SpeakGPT version 3.7:

     • We may collect analytics data to better understand our audience. We use Google Analytics (Google Privacy Policy applies). You can disable analytics in app settings.

     • To continue developing we had to add a few ads. Depending on your Google account settings, location and preferences ads can be personalized. To opt-out from ads personalization, go to the Device settings > Google > Ads and select Reset or delete advertising ID. Also you may need to opt-out from ads personalization in your Google account.


If you want to request data deletion please contact us via [email protected] (Usually most of your data will be deleted after you close your account. But some anonymous data may stay in our services. To close your account go to Device settings > Accounts and passwords > select an account > click "Account settings" > navigate to security tab > select "Delete my account". Please note that this will pemanently delete account without further ability to recover it. We do not retain account info after account is deleted.). If you want to close your Teslasoft SmartCard account please contact your IT administrator. To delete data of specified service use "Delete a service" function in security tab in your account settings.